Embroidery Trends

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Embroidery Trends – Embroidery: Fast becoming the next big thing!

Embroidery Trends in a modern world:

Embroidery is something we all know and love but now the public is embracing it more than ever! After flying under the radar for some time, embroidery has well and truly made a comeback and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Applicable to just about anything these days, embroidery has moved from its traditional purpose of mending cloth to become an essential part of professional and innovative design.

We’ve taken a step back to look at the embroidery trends taking off around the world today, from fashion to street art to commercial branding, there’s something for everyone when it comes to embroidery!

Take a look at some of the biggest trends and innovations in embroidery today.


Popular Fashion Brands Embroidery Trends

embroidery trendsIn recent months, the leaders in clothing design and production have been all about dated prints that include beautiful embroidered details- both large and small!

Taking the lead in embroidery trends are fashion giants Dolce and Gabbana, who are well known for their elaborately embroidered pieces. Despite their recent Medieval and Aztec influences, there was very little (or none at all!) hand embroidery involved in the creation process.

Dolce and Gabbana, like most commercial businesses these days, use embroidery software to supplement their traditional designs and give them a modern twist that makes them stand out without the need for time consuming, costly hand embroidery. Not to mention the helpful little additions that embroidery software offers, such as bling, applique and 3D effects.

On the tail of Dolce and Gabbana, smaller chains and independent designers are capitalising on the embroidery trends, making the omnipresence of embroidery even more accessible today! Stores like Zara, who are known for being dead on trend every season, have seen an influx of machine embroidered clothing and accessories.

Machine embroidery is giving fashion houses a great way to get on board the embroidery trend without breaking the bank!


Personalization Embroidery Trends!

embroidery trendsPersonalization is gaining momentum and let’s face it it’s no real surprise, who doesn’t enjoy having a one-of-a-kind item in their possession?

Personalization is a relatively simple way to add a touch of originality and personality to ordinary items as well as personalization for business.

Luxury car brand Rolls Royce have been capitalising for years on their personalization offering, which often includes custom embroidered interiors.

More recently they unveiling a Chinese version of the Rolls Royce Ghost II which features the option of sporting personalized panda-themed embroidery on the seat heads.

While clothing brand Rag and Bone are also trying to get a piece of the personalization pie offering customers a chance to get text in custom Rag and Bone stitching, embroidered on the back of selected pieces from the latest collection. This kind of custom embroidery and personalization is also gaining popularity among smaller independent labels.

Businesses are adding that personal touch through professional custom embroidery more and more today.


Embroidery Trends Meets Innovation: The rise of unconventional embroidery projects

embroidery trendsRecently we’ve seen an influx of unique and innovative ideas involving embroidery, often mixed with other unconventional mediums.

One particularly outstanding example is heavy metal band, Throne, who released a music video created entirely out of embroidered frames. The originality of the concept coupled with its easily shared medium immediately caught the attention of embroidery and metal enthusiasts everywhere, the video being spread by thousands through multiple social media channels and websites.

Similarly there has been a rise in embroidery on non-fabric surfaces. A new trend taking off has been mixing embroidery with carpentry, with many pieces of wooden furniture now sporting embroidered decorations.

Items like bedposts, coasters and even tables and chairs are part of this trend, with embroidery giving regular pieces of furniture a little boost of creativity in an unconventional way.

It doesn’t stop there either, increasingly we’re seeing embroidery on even stranger surfaces like metal, Perspex, jewellery, food- check and even on skin!

So it looks like it’s time to get creative fellow embroiders, it seems that nothing’s off limits!


Embroidery Trends Makes The A-List

embroidery trendsRecently, Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress became the talk of the town, with the more unconventional addition of her children’s drawings embroidered onto the back of her dress and veil.

Naturally this has sparked a wider interest in embroidery, with many designers, artists and fans alike vying to know more about her unique embroidered piece.

Taking things a step further, many brands are gaining recognition with their own versions of Angelina’s embroidered doodles, for example, fashion label Carven have come out with an embroidered sweatshirt version.
Embroidering on delicate material is something that requires a lot of time, effort and skill.

You only need to glance around to realise the impact embroidery has had on everyday items, especially with all the recent trends that have been popping up.

True to its ubiquitous nature, it continues to be a staple tool of production for many small and large companies as well as becoming a growing form of artistic expression in pop culture and even the commercial world.

From embroidery trends in fashion and home wares, to more unconventional trends like embroidered furniture, embroidery innovations has become an essential element to creating modern designs. And all while today’s newest trends are fresh and exciting, who knows what developments the embroidery industry will see next.


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Article by: Qinda Hu